Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Hey, guess what?  I have a blog!!  No, I have not completely forgotten about it!  So, here’s what’s up in my life.

1. I’m seeing a chiropractor for my headaches.  Unfortunately, the adjustments last week ended up giving me migraines – part of why I wasn’t blogging!!  Today’s adjustment seems to have been a little bit easier on the head and neck.

2. The first week of school was great all the way around.  Both kids are getting into the groove of doing their schoolwork.

3. Rosie Girl is going to try out for Show Choir and for Madrigals.  Wild Man is going to try out for a community theater production.  Yes, we’ll be busy!

4. The kids and I are helping out at the Senior Nutrition Center on Wednesdays at lunchtime.  We help pack the Meals on Wheels lunches as well as serve the lunches to the clients who come to the center.  They have a keyboard so Rosie Girl can play her piano pieces and they have games so Wild Man can play cards and checkers with the clients.  We’ve enjoyed it and the clients seem to be happy about our coming to help.

5. Dance starts this week – Tap for Rosie Girl and Theater Dance for Wild Man.

6. Rosie Girl is in the High School group at church – EEK!  And Wild Man is in the Junior High group – EEK! EEK!  I am seriously not old enough for this!!

7. I made some yummy Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup a few weeks ago, but the tortillas disintegrated, so I’m trying again this week with white corn tortillas.  I’ve also gotten a hankering to make a meat pie after watching some old Top Chef episodes – lol!!

8. I have many thoughts rambling around in my head, but I’ll wait until I can put them into some semblance of order until I post.  Here’s a little foretaste –

What kind of paranoia do conservatives have that we can’t let the elected President of our nation talk to schoolkids for 18 minutes?  Obama is talking about having a “trigger” to a mandatory public option – that’s the same as a public option, just a few years down the road!  I love doing fixed hour prayer, but I wish I was more disciplined about it.  Have you ever eaten “ramps”? – I’ve heard about them on two cooking shows recently and now I want to try them!   Why am I having to run the air conditioner in September in Wisconsin?  I found a great new sock pattern! 

Does that whet your appetite for more of my crazy thoughts?  Well, stay tuned.  First up, though, is a book review.  That’s coming later tonight!

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