Sunday, September 13, 2009

Potato-Sausage Pie

I made some seriously yummy Potato-Sausage Pie last night so I decided to share the recipe.

The basis of the recipe is this Bacon-Potato Torte from Melissa D’Arabian of Food Network.  Here are the modifications that I made:

1. I used 1 pound of Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage that I cooked and drained well instead of the bacon.

2. Because of the amount of sausage I used, I didn’t need quite three potatoes.

3. I didn’t have fresh thyme, so I used dried and ground thyme.

4. I used half and half instead of cream.  It doesn’t really make it healthy, but it does give it a little less fat.

Here’s the final product – well, after we had served it!!


My thoughts about the final product:

1. The crust was amazing!!  I have made pie crusts before, but they weren’t any better than what I could buy at the store, so I tend to go for convenience.  From now on, though, I’ll be making pie crusts with this recipe and technique.  This crust was buttery and flaky and delicious.

2. Using sausage meant that the flavor of the thyme and Gruyere was really masked.  I think I will probably leave out the cheese next time or use a less expensive cheese.  I love the flavor of the sausage, though.

3. This recipe is definitely NOT heart-healthy.  That being said, it is a pretty heavy dish, so it should be served with something light, such as fresh veggies, so it can be part of a reasonable meal.


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