Monday, August 31, 2009

Our First Day!!

Today was it – the first day of school 2009-2010.  And it was even better than I could have imagined.  We had donuts for breakfast as a treat.  The kids got their chores done without any prompting at all.  They started their schoolwork and stayed with it until it was all finished.

Rosie Girl worked independently without needing any prompting from me today.  She did have a few questions, but otherwise did quite well.  Wild Man read out loud to me and I read his History book to him.  I gave him a Geography workbook to do, and he did the entire lesson and only missed a couple of questions.  His dyslexia showed up by his writing his “p”s backwards, but I’m thrilled that he was able to answer the questions on his own, even the short-answer questions.

Rosie Girl asked me a few days ago if she could start wearing make-up.  I rarely wear make-up, although I have started to do so more frequently.  I never really considered that Rosie Girl might want to, so I was kind of taken off guard when she asked.  We’ve never set a definite age when she could start, so I didn’t have an immediate answer.

The question did present a great opportunity to talk about beauty and the importance of our beauty coming from inside of us.  Rosie Girl seemed to pretty clearly understand the Bible’s emphasis on our character being more important than our appearance.  She’s interested in using make-up to cover her acne and enhance her eyes.

Today, I took her to the store, and we bought her some make-up of her own.  (She actually had some from dance recitals, but it was all old and had to be thrown away.  Besides, it was kind of cool to make a little event out of this.)  We had a little lesson in make-up application tonight (which is, unfortunately, a little like the blind leading the blind, but I only tried to teach the basics, so I don’t think I did any real damage).  Rosie Girl did a great job of using the make-up to just enhance her natural features.

Tomorrow is the start of public school, so the kids have their first day of classes there.  Rosie Girl is quite nervous.  We prayed with her tonight and have reassured her that all the other freshman are just as nervous.  Her classes are second and third period, so she will be home well before lunch.  Wild Man’s class is right after lunch.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow – more great homeschooling and some adventures at public school!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad your first day of school went so well! (Glenna)