Friday, September 25, 2009

Updates – September 25, 2009

Blog posting has been a little sporadic lately, as you may have noticed.  That has largely been due to my being busy with my “real” (that is, non-digital) life.  However, I did have a spell of six days of migraine in the course of a week which slowed down everything.  In spite of the migraines, life continues and is full of fun and surprises.

Rosie Girl was selected to be in both Madrigals and Show Choir at the local high school!!  Madrigals is a group of singers that perform in Medieval European costumes and sing Christmas carols during the holiday season.  As far as I know, they only perform for the holidays, so it is a fall/winter group only.  Show Choir is the group that both sings and dances to Broadway-type music.

Rosie Girl goes to school for Choir and Art every morning.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, she goes back at lunchtime for Show Choir or Madrigals rehearsal.  This week is Homecoming, so the whole Choir will be singing at the volleyball game on Tuesday night and then at the football game on Friday night (which I’m going to miss – more on that later).  I’m very excited about her getting to be part of these groups.  Not only is it great that she gets to hone her musical ability, but it’s a great opportunity for her to make friends in our community.

Wild Man is enjoying his band class.  The sixth grade band class is mostly for just learning to play the instrument, so he doesn’t have any performances scheduled yet.  Tomorrow is the auditions for a community theater production, and Wild Man is trying out for a part.  (Mr. Math Tutor may also volunteer his time and expertise in sound and lighting.)  Wild Man also has gotten a lot of the performing genes from his grandmothers and loves being on stage.

The kids and I have been going to the Senior Nutrition Center once a week to help serve meals.  Rosie Girl probably won’t be able to go very often until after the holidays because of Madrigals practice.  We usually get to the center right about the time the food arrives from a local nursing home.  We pack up the meals for Meals on Wheels first.  After that, we serve the people who come to the center for meals.  We sometimes will sit and talk with people during or right after the meal.  We help clean up and are done around 12:30.  It’s a great way for me and the kids to be involved in the community.

Mr. Math Tutor and I are attending a small group again, although I missed our first meeting last Saturday because of my migraine.  Our church is doing a series based on Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (which is an excellent book) in which the sermons and small group curriculum is tied together.  Mr. Math Tutor’s high school small group (several of whom are now high school graduates) are also working through this on Sunday nights.

Speaking of Mr. Math Tutor’s high school small group (AKA “Revolution”), they are going to do a Project Serve weekend at Fort Wilderness later this month.  And, I should say that “we” are going since this trip also includes our family.  We will be volunteering for the weekend, doing whatever needs to be done – kitchen work, maintenance, stable work, etc.

I’ve also decided to go to the Women’s Retreat this year.  Our church takes a group to the Fort Wilderness Women’s Retreat every year.  I haven’t gone before because I’ve been worried about getting a bad migraine and being without Mr. Math Tutor, etc.  But, I’m going to do it this year.  Pray for my head!!

I missed a week’s worth of chiropractic appointments because of the week-long migraine.  I started back today and kind of feel like we’re starting over.  The chiropractor did give me some exercises to do and has me using a special chiropractic pillow.  I’m keeping a headache diary, hoping to see results, although I’m sure any changes will take a while.  I’ll try to be patient.

You can see that we are getting to be pretty busy these days.  Mr. Math Tutor and I are pretty determined, though, to not let our lives become over-busy to where we don’t have time to be a family.  For example, Rosie Girl very wisely chose not to audition for the community theater production because of her music commitments.  Homeschooling really helps us stay connected to each other.  Mr. Math Tutor’s schedule keeps him busy during the evenings, so we have our main meal together at lunch time.  We want our kids to have fun and enriching experiences, but never at the expense of healthy relationships.

Well, I’ll write more later, I’m sure.  I’ve got a few books to finish reading and review.  And, of course, sometimes I just have too many thoughts to fit in my brain, so they end up on my blog!

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