Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New School Year Tips


This week’s WFMW theme is Back to School, so I thought I’d share some of my homeschool Back to School tips.  My kids have never gone to a traditional school (except for Rosie Girl’s taking an art class in 6th grade).  Mr. Math Tutor was the homeschooling parent for the first five years and I have been doing it now for three years.  You’d think we’d be real experts by now, huh?  We would be except that the kids keep insisting on growing up!  We find one thing that works and then the kids grow out of it or past it.  This year, Rosie Girl is taking Chorus and Art at the high school and Wild Man is taking Band at the Middle School, so we are following the school calendar this year.   But, here are some things that have worked for us in the past:

1. Start the year with one new item for each kid.  One year, we found very inexpensive backpacks, which the kids really needed.  We still have those backpacks and use them regularly.  Another year was pencil boxes.

2. Have a special breakfast for the first day of school.  My kids particularly like pancakes!

3. Start slow – ease into school by starting a couple of subjects each week.

4. End of summer field trip – my kids are requesting a trip to the planetarium and laser show before we start this year.

Well, that’s about it for Back to School tips.  Check out WFMW at We Are That Family for more great ideas.

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