Friday, August 07, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday – August 7, 2009


1. My headaches come in waves.  Right now, things are going pretty well and I’ve been pretty productive and without a rip-roaring headache for several days.  About three weeks ago, though, I had about two weeks of being able to do very little around the house because of the headaches.  Because of this, I‘ve been making lots of meals for the freezer so that we have something to eat besides frozen pizza when I get into a really bad headache stretch.

2. We are trying a new schedule around here.  Since we are all here at lunchtime, but not necessarily suppertime, our big meal of the day is now lunch.  We’ve done it for two days now with real success and I think it will be even better during the school year.  I have to get used to getting up and starting dinner almost immediately, but I like having a clean kitchen most of the afternoon.  And having a big meal in the middle of the day is definitely healthier all the way around!

3. A local chiropractor has offered to give me a free evaluation and treatment of my headaches.  I’ve had chiropractic treatment before without much success so I haven’t pursued it again.  However, this chiropractor is a Christian and offered to give it another, more comprehensive try.  Unfortunately, since I’m on Medicare (because of disability), he’s not allowed to provide free care for me.  My plan doesn’t cover much chiropractic care, so I’m not sure that we’re in a place to try it right now.  That’s one of the most frustrating things to me about government-run healthcare – physicians are limited in doing even good things.  If someone can’t pay their Medicare or Medicaid co-pay, the provider can’t just waive the fee.  Yet one more reason to keep the government out of our lives.

4. I read somewhere recently that people spend only 22 minutes a day cooking, but 30-60 minutes per day watching cooking shows.  We spend a lot more time around here cooking because cooking from scratch is far less expensive than convenience foods.  But, Rosie Girl and I are also often inspired by cooking shows (especially Food Network) to try new things.  Sometimes we look up recipes, but other times we just go in the kitchen and play around and hope it turns out good.

5. We planted Morning Glories in the first part of June and they just started blooming the first of August.  I don’t know if they took so long because it’s been a cool summer or because we needed to water them more, but I’m glad they finally decided to take off!!


6. For lunch today, I used green beans and an onion from our garden.  The garden has definitely required some work and has been a mixed bag of success, but I’m glad we did it.  The green beans have been a huge success.  The onions are also doing well.  I think the squash and pumpkin will do well.  We have carrots, but they are pretty small!


7. Rosie Girl had golden curls when she was a baby, but her hair became straight by the time she was five years old.  In the last year or so, we’ve noticed that she has had some curls around her face.  She asked to go to the hair stylist last week to have her hair trimmed and figure out what to do about the curls.  It turns out that she has curly hair!!  The stylist layered her hair and, once the weight was taken off, all her hair curls.  All Rosie Girl does in the morning is wash and towel dry it. 


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This Heavenly Life said...

I had no idea a hairstylist could find curls where there seemed to be none before! How practical! She looks beautiful with curly hair (though I never saw her with Straight hair - I'd bet she was beautiful either way :))

I can't believe that about most people taking only 22 minutes a day to cook - that seems impossible! I make breakfast, lunch, and dinner almost every day, and I'd say it sits at closer to 2 hours when all those are combined. What are these people cooking so quickly? Then again, I could cook alot faster without the toddlers hanging onto my legs :)

Tami Boesiger said...

My son has a thick mop of hair on his head. I wonder what's hiding under it?!

May your no headache stretch continue. It must be miserable otherwise.

Have a good weekend.

Marie said...

We like to do our dinner at lunch, too. It really makes a lot of sense.

Health care discussions and stories sure seem to be everywhere lately. We've got a similar thing going, we have a pre-existing condition in the family so can't get personal insurance. Looked into the state insurance program for situations like ours, you pay premiums into a state program. But if we qualify (income level) for Medicaid, we have to do that instead. We can't choose to pay premiums, we have to go with having the state pay. Weird, eh? Maybe I read it wrong. . . .