Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Week In Review – The Super-Late Edition


So, how’s your week been?  Ours has been it’s usual craziness.  When I quit working, I thought for some reason, that my days would be boring and all the same.  Hah!  Life is never dull around here!  So, what did we do?

Wild Man

Wild Man is really doing quite well with reading and spelling.  Is it an effect of the Vision Therapy already, or are we just lucky?  Don’t know, don’t care.  I’m happy with it.  I did have Wild Man do a few pages in his new Easy Grammar book.  He thought they were painfully easy.  Fine.  Next week, we move on to subjects and verbs.

We’ve been studying China this week.  I had a number of significant headaches, so I didn’t read a whole lot to him.  We did, however, watch several Netflix shows about China and Tibet.  Several of the shows were Wild China, which I decided is also Science, so I don’t feel bad about how lonely the Science book is getting.  Wild Man’s paper this week was about his book on Hudson Taylor.

Wednesdays, Wild Man still does the Nutrition Site without me and is enjoying himself.  He’s also been busy on Sunday mornings helping do kids’ church.  They do a skit almost every week and Wild Man has played various Old Testament characters in the last few months.  After church on Sunday, Wild Man practices with the youth band and then has a separate drum lesson with the youth pastor (who is a drummer) on Thursday afternoon.  He’s getting the hang of using a drum kit – good for him!

Rosie Girl

Chemistry is still problematic, but I think the total volume of tears shed this week was definitely less than previously.  I’ve done the problems from the book into a notebook that she can use as a study guide, and PWM and I have both helped her with various concepts.  We will get through this!

Rosie Girl wrote a rough draft this week of a paper about the Papal Schism.  Medieval church history isn’t really her “thing”, but she’s managing.

Otherwise, Rosie Girl is being her usual creative self: playing piano, making Christmas presents, and writing.

Some choice nuggets from her journal:

    • A good friend will tell you their dad’s about to kill you.  A best friend will run away with you.  (About David and Jonathan)
    • And, so, as a result of peer pressure, Israel asked for a king.  Now who do they pick?  Saul the idiot, of course.
    • I guess three popes are better than one.  NOT!!!  (About the papal schism)
    • And now we have Samson.  Most pathetic man in the Bible.  (Rosie Girl is a woman of strong opinions!)

And, me?  Well, considering that I’m writing a weekly wrap-up at 1:30 on Monday morning, I think it’s safe to conclude that I really don’t have things under control.  And I just realized a few minutes ago that Rosie Girl is on Week 13 of Sonlight while Wild Man is on Week 12.  Apparently, Rosie Girl skipped Week 10 because I took it out of the binder too early.  ACK!  I may have her go back and do the reading from Week 10 that she missed and start Week 13 after Thanksgiving.

I really need a holiday – and I’m very thankful that we have a week off starting next Monday.  As it is, Grandma is taking the kids to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter film on Thursday night/Friday morning, so I doubt I’ll get much work out of them on Friday.  Whatever.  We’re all looking forward to Thanksgiving!

So, what’s up at your house?

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