Saturday, November 06, 2010

Our Week In Review – 11/6/2010



Just two more weeks till Thanksgiving break!!  Yes, this teacher/mom is ready for a break.  This was a tough week for me because of my migraine Monday through Wednesday.  But, we also had some educational “challenges”!

Wild Man

Wild Man and PWM are having a great time at Tae Kwon Do.  Their first belt test is in the first part of December.  I’ve been quite impressed with Wild Man’s diligence in practicing his forms, but even more impressed with his efforts to memorize the manners, and other pieces of information (‘cause memorization is NOT his strong suit!).

Vision Therapy is going quite well for Wild Man.  The therapist is impressed with the amount of progress he is making.  It is a bit early to see a change in his academics, but we’re optimistic.

In his study of Eastern Hemisphere countries, Wild Man has made it to China.  Because of my migraines, we watched several episodes of Wild China, but we’re also reading the China book in the Enchantment of the World series of books.

Wild Man is doing quite well with learning grammar.  I had him start working in his Easy Grammar workbook this week and he did just fine.  He’s also reading about Hudson Taylor this week.  I’m debating about watching “Chariots of Fire”.  It’s a good movie, but I’m not sure it will hold his interest.  However, when we did Core 5 several years ago, he loved watching “Gandhi”, so I guess I’ll try it and see.

Rosie Girl

This week’s paper by Rosie Girl was a “rant” about the fact that the author of The Trumpeter Of Krakow did not include sheet music of the trumpeter’s song.  She read Pilgrim’s Progress this last week, but didn’t enjoy it as much as some of her other books.  She is studying the time of the Western Schism when there were two competing papacies – one in Rome and the other in Avignon.

Rosie Girl is working on her music for the Christmas tea where she will play.  She is also playing keyboards at church for Christmas, for which she is really excited since they are playing Christmas Eve/Sarajevo (by Trans-Siberian Orchestra).

The real “challenge” this week was Chemistry – again.  I love that Singapore Chemistry teaches kids to really think instead of just learn formulas, but Rosie Girl has been getting very easily frustrated.  This is probably the first course that she’s had real trouble with.  I ordered the Teacher’s edition of the workbook, which should help some.  The most helpful thing that I’m doing is to make a solutions manual for the questions in the book.  This way, when Rosie Girl and I work on them together, I’ve already done it and know how to approach it.  But, there was some wailing and gnashing of teeth this week.  I’m still having trouble believing that one of my children hates science so much!

That was our week!  How was yours?  Anything exciting happen?  Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how others have done!

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Anonymous said...

Chemistry has been my challenge, too. Ds just will NOT do it unless I hold his hand. Science hasn't ever been like this. :(