Friday, November 05, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday



Ahhh, Friday!  Truly one of the most stressful days of the week around here as we try to get all the “schoolwork” done so we can have the weekend free!

1. I had a migraine from Monday through Wednesday.  On Tuesday, I was supposed to go see my doctor for a regular visit.  I was already feeling poorly and had taken some potent medications, so my mother-in-law drove me to the appointment.  By the time I saw the doctor, my headache was well into the 9-10 (out of 10) range.  So, for the first time in close to two years, I ended up with shots of Toradol and morphine.  Within 30 minutes, I had significant relief!  Special thanks to my mother-in-law for driving me so I could get the “good” meds!  Yeah, the headache continued into Wednesday, but I’m so grateful that I got a few hours of relief on Tuesday.

2. One other thing that we decided on at my doctor’s visit is to do a CT scan of my neck next week.  My headaches don’t at all fit the description of cervicogenic or discogenic pain, but we all know of some person whose symptoms didn’t fit the final diagnosis.

3. Wild Man goes over to Grandma’s just about every day.  I called him back yesterday to do some schoolwork and he brought his mug of hot chocolate with him.  He had helped Grandma do some work on the shed and then chased off some squirrels for her.  After that, he stayed for “tea”!

4. Rosie Girl is hard into NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  I’m betting she’s going to be happy that we have a full week off school on Thanksgiving week!

5. It’s becoming winter!  Our heater is set at 65-68 degrees and we’re having to wear warm clothes again.

6. The downside of becoming winter is that we still need to get the back yard ready – take the trampoline pad down, mulch the plants, and figure out what do with our Topsy Turvy’s.

7. I’m starting to enjoy a little Christmas music.  Rosie Girl is playing a concert for a Women’s Tea in December and is playing on the church worship team for Christmas Eve, so we’ve already got some Christmas music around the house.  But, right after Thanksgiving, you can bet it’s going to be all Christmas music, all the time!!

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