Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mutiny In The Bungalow?

So last night, I told my kids that I thought we should put the Christmas tree in the dining room this year.  Our living room and dining room are almost one room, but the dining room area has vinyl flooring and the living room has wood.  Right now, our living room seems a little crowded to add a Christmas tree, so I figured that we could put it in the dining room with less inconvenience.

You would have thought that I told the kids I wanted to cut off one of their arms!  They proceeded to mutiny – at 10pm.  I told them that mutiny could only be considered between noon and 5pm, so they had to wait until today.  But, I woke up with a migraine, so I told them no mutiny when I have a migraine.

So they’ve changed tactics.  They are now engaging in non-violent resistance (a la Gandhi) as evidenced by these signs placed throughout the house.

279 280 281 283 284 (Note: the 143 means “I love you” while the “pr” means “passive resistance”.)

Well, if they feel so strongly about having the Christmas tree in the living room, I think they can be the ones to move the furniture, clean up, and vacuum before we bring the tree upstairs.  And I can call their protest educational since we’ll be learning about Gandhi later in the year.  Now, as long as they don’t decide to protest their schoolwork . . .



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Very amusing post. Thanks )