Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pain Management

After almost two years out of the workforce, I can't say that my chronic headaches are any better. My doctor and I have decided on a pain management plan to help me deal with things a little better, though. We aren't changing any of my medications, although we'd like for me to use my as needed medications a little less. I am working with a Christian counselor on pain management using a book called The Chronic Pain Care Workbook. So far, I have been keeping records about my pain, my activity, my diet, medication use, etc. I am also going to be setting some goals very soon. The idea is that we will try to come up with some techniques to manage my pain (and fatigue and sleep disturbance, etc) over the next several months to a year.

In addition, I'm going to go to physical therapy and see if they have any techniques that they can offer. One thing that I have never tried is a TENS unit. I'm also going to see if they have any exercise ideas that may help.

My counselor and I are trying to get me to be more active, as well. This weekend at camp, our family did cross-country skiing for the first time and we all loved it. Well, I didn't love the falling down part too much. But, the actual skiing was really fun. But, I was soooooo sore until today. There are some places around here where we can ski, so we're going to try it out this weekend. If we really get into it, we might see about buying some second hand equipment so we can go to the state park to ski. In any case, I think we have found a winter activity besides the treadmill that I like.

I'll post occasionally as I go through this process. I'm also doing this as I'm working through some stuff about spiritual disciplines. I think that learning to do regular times of prayer, meditation, and silence may also help with my pain issues.

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