Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Day - 1

This is my entry in the Homeschool Day in the Life challenge at Writing and Living. I also enjoy reading about what other people do in their homeschool days. The problem, of course, is that I then worry that we're not doing "enough" or the "right" things. I'm getting over that now, though.


8am - I wake up and stumble downstairs for Coke Zero and leftover spaghetti (usually I have toast and cheese, but I had a hankering for the spaghetti). I have a migraine - it's not looking like a good day.

8:30-9 - The kids wake up and drag themselves downstairs. After about 10 minutes on the sofa, I get them to get up and eat breakfast and do chores.

9:30 - I have the kids get started on math and language arts, which they do independently. They work for about an hour without too much trouble, although Wild Man is getting frustrated with bar graphs and I'm not up to getting him all the way through it today.

10:30 - I read to them from Augustus Caesar's World to try and get past Week 12 in our Sonlight curriculum. Then, we have our prayer time (normally we do our Bible reading at this time, but we're way ahead on that). Next, I have the kids go over the books of the first half of the Old Testament - we're working on this instead of a verse this week.

11:15 - Ga'Hoole Girl works on her computer programming while Wild Man practices piano.

11:30 - Lunch time. The kids are supposed to get their own lunch, but things don't work out well today. They get into a "play" argument at 11:45 and I send them to the stairs for a few minutes. Then, I have them finish getting lunch in silence. (Yes, I can be a little crabby when I have a headache.)

12:00 - We start getting ready to leave for reading lesson and piano lessons. We leave at 12:15. Despite this, Ga'Hoole Girl forgets her piano bag.

12:15-1 - Drive into town for lessons. We have been listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on audiobook.

1-2 - Reading lesson for Wild Man. Ga'Hoole Girl works on her new science book (Apologia's General Science).

2-2:45 - Quick stop at the big library. Ga'Hoole Girl can't find anything she likes, but Wild Man gets a Pokemon movie - yippee. I, of course, come back with 4 books. Thankfully, I had returned about seven books.

2:45-3:45 - Piano lessons. Ga'Hoole Girl works on math and science during Wild Man's lesson. Wild Man and I read about lightning during her lesson.

3:45-4:45 - Drive home and continue listening to audiobook. Stop at the small library here in town for me to pick up some books that I had on hold.

5-6 - I bribe the kids to wash dishes because of my headache. I tell them that they can each earn an extra half hour of media. They're thrilled. My dishes get clean.

6-7 - Ga'Hoole Girl and Wild Man make a Schwan's dinner for the two of them and I have leftovers.

7-8 - The kids play and I read.

8-9 - We watch Mythbusters until about 8:30. Mr. Math Teacher gets home at 8:15 and the kids really want him to read, so they turn off the TV so he can read DragonQuest (by Donnita K. Paul).

9-10 - I read and talk with Mr. Math Teacher.

10 - I go to bed!

I'll try to post another Day in the Life in a few weeks since we don't really have a "typical" day.


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Hey! I'm in week 12 of Sonlight 6 too. Or I will be starting Monday. Your day sounds similar to my days. Thanks for sharing this glimpse.

Anonymous said...

Wow----you're busy!!!! Talk about good time management! Will have to try to use some of your techniques with the kiddo! KC

Pam said...

Catherine--I enjoyed reading your New Year's letter last week! Thanks for putting your blog url on the letter. I have started blogging too, although it is woefully in need of updating. I'll make a new post and send you an "invite" soon.
Pam in Middlebury :)

The Correspondent said...

I linked here from Writing and Living's "A Day in the Life." And I love your idea of awarding media time for extra chores done. I'm going to remember that ... it's a lot more economical than cash!

Writing and Living said...

Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

I noticed you were drinking Coke Zero in the morning.... have you maybe considered any caffeine and/or articial sweetener links to your migraines? Just a thought...