Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Gift of Time

January fifth. We're back to normal life around here. Wild Man and Ashley are back to school. PWM is back to school. I'm back to doing whatever it is that I do.

We had a whole week with Grams and Grandpa before they had to go back down South.

One week. 7 days.

During that time, we didn't go anywhere special or do anything exciting. We sat and talked. We watched football together. Mom (Grams) cooked. Dad (Grandpa) and I watched football. Lots of football. We like football, especially the SEC.

I've been with my parents a lot this year. I spent last January with them to help get their house ready to sell. Instead, Mom and I spent most of the month being sick. And we got very little done. Mom and Dad did a lot of work by themselves through the year, but then Mom ruptured a disc in her back. So, I was back up in September for Mom's surgery. Thankfully, I was only there for a week since the surgery was minimal. We were back again over Thanksgiving for Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Party!!

It's been a banner year for time with my parents. But, it's important time. You see, Dad has early dementia. His memory changes are mild right now, but the disease is unpredictable. And he's 75. In a family where the oldest of the previous generation of men didn't live past 63. 

Time is important. In 1 Peter, we are told to "Love each other deeply". I want to take every chance to do that.

I know we have eternity before us, but I don't want to miss out of the little things here and now. Sharing things like watching college football or talking about what books we're reading.

I take time seriously because it's hard to be really present when I'm in pain. Every moment that I'm able to be with Mom and Dad or PWM or the kids is special, but even more so if I'm feeling well.

Take time with your family. Make the most of every moment, in person, or by phone. Illness can happen anytime. Death is coming and we don't know when. Love Jesus. Love others. There's nothing more important. (And if you don't know about eternity and heaven, please leave me a message so I can talk to you more.)

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