Monday, January 06, 2014

Welcome, 2014

Thus far, 2014 has been characterized by, wait for it . . . , headaches!! I’ll bet you never would have guessed. Yep, lots of headaches. But, what else has been going on in the New Year?

  • Rosie Girl is home for almost a month! She is taking an online Winterim class on Film Music. She is taking the section for non-music majors, even though she’s a music major. She plans to take the music major’s version in her sophomore or junior year.
  • Wild Man was gone this weekend to the District Youth Conference. By all accounts, he had fun. Since he’s been home, he’s mostly been sleeping.
  • One of the big triggers for this round of headaches has been the recent weather. We’ve had some snow. But, the biggest problem has been the Arctic air mass that gave us high temps today of –15. Wild Man doesn’t have band or choir today or tomorrow because the public schools have closed. We’re not supposed to see temps above zero for another day or so. Obviously, I haven’t gone outside.
  • Football! We were glad to see Alabama beaten by whoever beat them. Then the Saints won! But, then the Packers lost (in single-digit temperatures!). And, tonight, we’re watching FSU vs. Auburn and I can’t decide who I want to win.
  • We still have Christmas decorations up. See the aforementioned headache information. I like to take it down around the 6th so I can pretend that I planned to do it on Epiphany and it feels all spiritual. This year, the decorations come down when they come down.
  • Resolutions – nope. I do have a word for the year, but I’ll write about that in a day or two when my head is a little calmer and we know who wins the BCS game!

How has your New Year been?

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Linda Pharr said...

Hi Cathy. I can make you feel so much better about your Christmas decorations still being up...First week of Nov. 201"3), Jim came home from work at fBC Delray Beach, with a big box, slid it in the house, was a 8 ft, christmas tree the church was throwing away! I took it, loved it to death!, shaped it for a week, decorated it, and it was beautiful! Never had a fake tree in 43 yrs. marriage. I know God gave us this tree to decorate for Him! November 2013, tree received more decorations thanks to Macy's! My tree is now the most beautiful tree I have ever seen! bottom line here...our tree has been up since Nov. 2013, and I have, so far, no intentions of taking it down yet! Love it! During the year, don't always cut on the lights! but probably 3 times a week. When I feel I "need" to, I do! It is so calming for me at times..The branches point towards Heaven, where God is with His Son, Jesus, family and friends I have loved who have gone to be with Him...the twinkling lights in the dark, my grandchildren's ornaments...Some of my ornaments are over 25 years old! I love it doesn't shed, ornaments don't fall off due to weak limbs, etc. I truly enjoy my tree. Sometimes during my "quiet times" with God, I talk with Him while sitting by or staring at this tree..My grandchildren tell me it's time to take it down, after one year and 2 months..but, hey! this Nana's not sure she's ready yet to part with her tree! Time will tell! I love, love Christmas time :)