Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lagniappe–January 26, 2014


Life has been bustling on at our little cottage. Here are some highlights.

  • Wild Man was supposed to be the speaker for his youth group meeting last week, but it got cancelled because of icy and dangerous roads. I assume, he’ll be speaking this week if they don’t cancel because of the cold.
  • Wild Man did lead worship for the regular Sunday morning church services today! It was pretty impressive to see my 15 year old leading today and not just playing guitar or drums. I think this may be a special gift from God for him.
  • Rosie Girl is back at school and has had a good first week. She was concerned about her “First Year Seminar” which is about stories from various cultures, but the professor is the mom of one of her dance students from last year. And the content is more interesting than she expected.
  • Rosie Girl is also taking the only math class she’ll have to take in college. (She was soooooo close to testing out of math!) She was reassured, though, the first day of class that it won’t be too bad because she completely understood the material. Besides, PWM is a math tutor and they can always Skype if she needs help.
  • I found out at my audiology appointment this week that I really do have hearing loss and that the rest of the family is not actually mumbling at me for fun. I haven’t noticed problems when I’m out and about – at church and things like that – but, I do have to turn the TV up and I miss stuff on TV and when PWM and the kids talk to me. The audiologist said it’s bad enough that I might want to consider hearing aids. We’ll have to see what I think at my next visit because they certainly aren’t cheap. But, I’d like to be able to hear better. Hmmmmm.
  • We’ve been having installation installed in our house over the last week. That’s been interesting. The workers are very good about cleaning up after themselves – I don’t think my stairs will be vacuumed this thoroughly again for a good five years.  The cats freak out on a regular basis. We try to give them all a little reassurance, but the extra people and noise still makes them nervous.
  • The one good thing about all the insulation and energy-efficiency stuff is that I got a new hood over my stove! This one actually vents to the outside to prevent carbon monoxide build-up as well as get icky odors out of the kitchen. And it ha two lights which make the kitchen a much happier place.
  • PWM also had a doctor’s appointment this week and his blood sugar was officially in the diabetic range. Bummer. He has three months of intense diet and exercise to try to bring it down and avoid getting the diagnosis of Type 2 DM. So, it’s lots more healthy food and exercise for all of us.
  • The Polar Vortex is settling across the Upper Midwest again. It appears that the schools in our district are closed for tomorrow. They haven’t decided about Tuesday. So, Wild Man will be home all day tomorrow. Yay, he can do more math!!!
  • I have had a wildly productive day today. I cleaned the kitchen and living room, including vacuuming and I did the laundry. AccuWeather says that tomorrow is a high risk day for a migraine. Well, at least the house is clean.

So, that’s our life in a nutshell. The excitement level is low, but so are the temperatures. Although I don’t think those two things are actually related. I hope. I’m probably too tired to be writing any more. Let me know what’s up in your corner of the world!!

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