Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday–January 17, 2014


So, it’s Friday. Which is a good thing, I guess. Except that I’ve had a migraine all week, so I haven’t really noticed that it’s Friday. But, we’re here anyway.

  1. Wild Man has chosen not to audition for the school play this spring, which has caused great consternation for his band and choir director because they were planning for him to take a certain part. However, Wild Man is working on solos for Solo and Ensemble in Band and Choir, leading worship for the regular adult worship service about once a month, leading the youth worship band, and still trying to get his schoolwork done. Needless to say, PWM and I support his decision.
  2. Rosie Girl has been home for a month!!! Sadly, she leaves to go back to school sometime in the next few days. The people in this house will be sad, but probably not as sad as Sophie, her cat.
  3. Rosie Girl has been taking an online class called “Film Music”, but she’s been taking the 100 level class for non-music majors. She’s been taking it mostly for fun, but also to get her feet wet because she wants to work in the film music industry. The rest of the family has gotten to watch movies with her as well as listen to her “rants”, excuse me, analyses, of the scores. She takes her final tonight, but I’m pretty sure she has done quite well.
  4. Wild Man takes the ACT next month. I’m a little concerned about his reading speed because of his dyslexia, but he’s currently reading Oliver Twist and keeping up with his curriculum, so maybe I don’t need to worry.
  5. Last week was the Polar Vortex when the public schools were shut down for two days because of the cold. And it requires some serious cold to shut down schools around here. This week was the blizzard. And the attendant migraine. The headache started Monday night and wasn’t better till sometime yesterday morning. Yikes.
  6. And today, I decided that I’d better try to get back to some kind of normality from the migraine. I was really tired this afternoon, so I decided to take a walk on the treadmill instead of taking a nap. Then, I was having a healthy lunch of triscuits with cheese and spinach. Right in the middle of lunch, I developed one of the lovely vomiting and diarrhea episodes that I’ve been occasionally getting after a migraine. This one lasted about three hours. I think I’m finally perking back up, but I’ll wait another few hours to try to eat anything.
  7. We had an energy efficiency inspection done on our house last week. We found out that we’ve been heating our town as well as our house. Wild Man’s room is over the front porch and there’s no insulation between the porch and his room, so the poor kid has been sleeping pretty much outside. We’d have let him sleep in the hall. Really. Now, we move on to dealing with the lack of energy efficiency. They start work next week. On the good side, I get a range hood!! Also good, we get grandfathered in to all kinds of Incentives!! On the bad side, it’s going to cost money. On the good side, we’ll eventually make back that money by not spending to heat and cool the entire town. Eventually.

How was your week? Anything exciting? Did you survive the snowstorm – or did it storm where you are? Check out Conversion Diary to see what others are up to!!

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