Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lagniappe–May 29, 2013


It’s been a while since my last post. You might suspect that I’ve been incredibly busy or that I’ve had a run of bad headaches. Actually, I’ve just rediscovered Sudoku. And, with my current batch of medications, a medium level Sudoku can be pretty challenging for me.

But, onward! Yes, I’ve played entirely too much Sudoku, but there have been other activities going on around here. The headache situation is unchanged, so keep praying.

Wild Man played in the jazz band Friday night at the public school Art Show. Sadly, we got mixed up on our times, so PWM, Rosie Girl, and I only heard the last four or five notes. Let it be known that those were some seriously excellent notes!! And the rest of the art show was great – the students really worked hard and produced some high quality work.

Last Sunday was Youth Sunday at church, so Wild Man, as leader of the youth worship band, was instrumental in leading worship. Pretty cool! And, yes, I was one proud mama!

This is our last week of homeschooling (except for math, which Wild Man will keep working on all summer). Being such a rigorous educator, I’ve made Wild Man watch Mythbusters and a documentary on the Manhattan Project and do some math. Rosie Girl and I watched a couple of Dr. Who specials today and she’s been working on the last of her math. Yep. We’re a bunch of homeschooling die-hards around here.

Wild Man and his girlfriend are making progress on earning money so that she can come to family camp with us. Hopefully, we’ll have a couple of dry days next week so Wild Man can continue to do yard work at the apartments next door. (I’m still having trouble saying “Wild Man” and “girlfriend” in the same sentence.)

Rosie Girl is in the middle of dress rehearsal week for dance recital. Last night, she had two dances and tonight, she had two dances. On Friday, she has to be there to help out with the classes for which she is a dance demonstrator. She’s busy and tired, but she’s loving it. There are four shows over the weekend and she is in four dances in each of the four shows. I think she’s going to be fried by Monday.

And the grandparents start arriving this week! Grandma (PWM’s mom) gets here Friday and my parents arrive a week from tomorrow. Crazy!!

And all of this is happening while we are running a yarn shop. Well, PWM is mostly running a yarn shop because I’m either having a headache or directing teenagers.

Random thought: Whoever carpeted this house clearly did not plan for having teenagers running in and out. Even with regular vacuuming, I’m already seeing wear. When it’s time for the carpet to go, I want hardwood. Put out some throw rugs. Sweep every week or so and life is good.

My current material desires in life:

1. Dishwasher

2. Washer

3. Dryer

4. Air conditioning

5. new ipod or ipad or ipad mini (there is such a big gap between 4 and 5 that this is more of a dream than an actual desire)

It is stormy this week which means headaches. Ick. I get to go talk to my neurologist on Friday and tell him that my headaches are better on Botox but we still haven’t reached “good”. And once we reach “good”, we should probably see about getting normal brain function back. Seriously, I am terrible at Sudoku – and I used to be so good. God is teaching me humility.

What’s up where you are? Share all the news!

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