Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Week In Review - June 27, 2011

Several times this week, I really expected to see the animals coming 2 by 2 into an ark.  The rain and storms have been just crazy!  PWM and I are from down South where torrential rains aren't unheard of, but this kind of rain is not the norm here in Wisconsin.

For the next couple of months, these weekly reviews are going to be pretty sparse.  I'm chronicling our opening of The Knitting Nest over at The Knitting Nest blog, so you can click over there to see what other mischief we've been up to!

The big excitement this week was having my parents up for a visit.  My mom cooked and cooked and cooked some more - and there are no arguments from me because I love her food and I've been working pretty obsessively on this Fair Isle sweater for the County Fair (see The Knitting Nest blog for more details on the knitting projects).  Not only that, but she had Wild Man helping her and learning how to make some of his favorite dishes.

We've watched several of the Star Wars movies this week - at the kids' requests - and the new PBS/BBC Masterpiece Theater adaptations of Mansfield Park and Persuasion.  PWM received the new Lego "Pirates of the Caribbean" for Wii, so he and the kids have been having fun playing.

When the rain finally quit, Wild Man went out fishing - once with Grams and once with PWM.  He didn't catch anything, but he enjoys it.  He's still getting drum lessons once a week as well as having Youth Band practice on Sunday afternoon.  And, of course, he works at the Nutrition Site on Wednesday and helps the Children's Ministries Director on Sunday morning.  He has yet to tell me that he's bored - of course, that may just be because he knows how I'll respond (give him housework to do - there's never a shortage!). 

Rosie Girl just finished crocheting some juggling balls that look like tomatoes as a prop for her CosPlay for DaiShoCon this Fall.  (She's going to dress up as an anime character for the anime convention.)  Now she's working on a crocheted backpack.  In the last two weeks, she's been on two sleepovers.  It was good to have her home for a couple of days!

Rosie Girl is working diligently to finish Geometry and Japanese, although she didn't have as much opportunity this week since the grandparents were here.  Wild Man and I have not done any spelling yet.  I hope to do some review with him once or twice this week.  She is also driving a good bit so that she can get all  of her hours recorded

PWM has been sharpening all the tools for his new (well, new to him) lathe.  He's even done a little bit of turning.  It's good for him to have a creative outlet, particularly if he makes knitting needles that we can sell at the shop!

So, what about me?  I've had two big, bad migraines in the last few weeks.  Not fun.  Despite that, I've gotten a lot of knitting done as well as trying to read more about sheep and wool as well as how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Oh, and we got a car.  My Malibu gave up the ghost this Spring, so we've been driving PWM's mom's car.  We'd been looking for a few weeks, but found a Saturn VUE in good condition and in our price range (always a plus).  And, it's a standard transmission, so Rosie Girl will get to learn to drive it.

This week is going to be filled with more work at the shop and, perhaps, cleaning some fleeces to send to a mill for processing.  And, then, we get to go to Family Camp!!  I really can't wait for camp!  It's the one week when we are pretty much unplugged and have time to just relax and enjoy God's creation and our family.

Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how others are spending their summer!  And leave me a comment about what your family is up to!

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