Friday, June 03, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday–6/3/2011

The end of the week and the end of the school year!!

1. Rosie Girl has dance recital this weekend – 2 performances on Saturday and one on Sunday.  It’s a long weekend, but she’s only taking one class now which makes it easier.  I can’t wait to see the dance!

2. Wild Man made lasagna on Wednesday night for us for dinner.  I love that he’s old enough to cook.  But, I wonder where my sweet little baby boy went!

3. Next week sometime, our yarn shop will be officially incorporated!  We start renting our shop space in the middle of the month and hope we can open in early Fall.  Exciting!!

4. I bought some wonderfully beautiful yarn last weekend and I’m making a lace shawl from it.  Right now, I hope that I have enough yarn to finish.

5. We’ve been watching lots of Lord of the Rings.  Earlier this week, we watched the appendices to The Two Towers and tonight we watched The Return of the King.

6. Next week is time to clean the basement and garage.  I am so thrilled.

7. Tonight was high school graduation, so Rosie Girl went up to the school to watch her best friend graduate.  The friend will still be living in the area, so they’ll get to see each other next year, but not every day in the hall before Rosie Girl’s art class like they did this year.

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