Saturday, September 07, 2013

Our Week In Review–Sept 7, 2013


Our week was going along just fine till Wild Man crashed his bike on Thursday and broke his wrist. Now everything has just gone to hell in a handbasket. So to speak.

I think Wild Man is caught up on most of his reading assignments and he’s answered his History and Literature questions from Thursday and Friday orally. He was supposed to write a short paper in Biology, but I canceled that since he can’t type till he gets the splint changed over to a cast on Monday. I also canceled his paragraph writing in Bible that was due on Friday. He finished the assigned reading.

The big crisis is his writing assignment for WriteAtHome. I sent his writing coach an email explaining the issue, so he’ll turn in the paper on Monday. The problem is that he’s going to dictate it to me, which means that his grammar and punctuation will be better than usual since I don’t really know what he knows and doesn’t. I’m using the dictation time to teach comma rules and fragment vs. full sentences since those seem to be his areas of weakness. He should be able to type his next assignment because he’ll have a cast on which should give him almost full use of his fingers – or at least enough to type.

Today seems to have been a better day than yesterday. Wild Man hasn’t needed much pain medication and has been able to move his arm and fingers without too much trouble. After some serious covering of the splint with plastic bags, he got a shower. I still had to cut his meat for him at dinner, though. We see the orthopedist on Monday when he gets a cast and we find out how long we can expect the healing process to take.

In the meantime, I need to schedule three weeks of schoolwork because I leave in the middle of the week to go down South and be with my parents while my mom has surgery. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!!

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