Friday, September 06, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–September 6, 2012


1. Wild Man crashed his bike on the way home from band yesterday and broke his arm – technically, he broke his tibia at the wrist. He and I had a fun hour and a half in our local emergency department getting x-rays and a splint. He gets a cast on Monday. Yay.

2. With Wild Man’s injury, our school schedule has gotten messed up. He didn’t finish all of Thursday’s work, and he was intermittently taking sedating medications today, so he didn’t get today’s work done, either. Not only that, but the splint makes it impossible for him to use his right hand to type. Thankfully, he’s left-handed so he can still write. But, he still mouses with his right hand. Hopefully, he’ll be able to do more with the cast.

3. We’ve survived Rosie Girl’s first week of college. And I think Rosie Girl did, too!! She’s coming home tomorrow to do laundry – we’ll see how often this happens. But, I’m glad to have her back for a day or two.

4. I’m going down South to be with my parents because my Mom is having surgery next week. Unfortunately, she has bronchitis which needs to get better before her surgery date. And nobody really wants to put off the surgery. And I’ve already bought airline tickets! Please pray!!

5. Right now, I’m sorting out my reading and knitting materials for my trip South. Not only will I have travel time, but there will be plenty of time when Mom is just recovering that we won’t have much to do. Mom likes to knit with some novelty yarns, so I’m taking those for her to keep her from getting too bored.

6. PWM fixed my computer today!! My computer has a design flaw and it tends to get dirt and dust around the air intake and fan. Then, it overheats and I have to shut it down till it cools off. So, PWM took it all apart and cleaned out the HUGE amount of dust and cleaned out the fan and put it all back together for me. He’ll need to do it again in 6 months or so, but it’s better than buying a new laptop!

7. Wild Man’s biggest activities in the next few weeks were going to be playing percussion in the high school band for Homecoming and Horse and Buggy Days as well as playing guitar for the church youth band. Sadly, his musical activities will be curtailed for several weeks. I feel really bad for the kid.

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