Saturday, July 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–July 19, 2013


1. Central air conditioning!! They put it in today – after three days of heat indices in the 90s and 100s. I think I could stop the blog post here. That’s how significant air conditioning is to our lives this week.

2 Earlier in the week, we had one little window air conditioner trying to keep the downstairs from becoming an oven. We kept offering to read it the story “The Little Engine that Could” every night just to keep it’s morale up.

3. Rosie Girl and I have to go buy linens and other supplies for her dorm room in the next couple of weeks. Can I just go bury my head in the sand?

4. And Wild Man starts Driver’s Ed on Monday. Again, more head in the sand burying needed.

5. Two and a half weeks till the new shop location(The Knitting Nest)! The carpet was cleaned yesterday. There’s a little more painting to do. Otherwise, it’s just time to start moving in! Yippee!

6. I put a moratorium on house cleaning during this last week of super high heat (aka living on Hell’s doorstep). Now that we have air conditioning and I’m willing to do something besides sit in my rocking chair reading a book, I’m appalled at the amount of house cleaning I need to do in the next few days. Ouch.

7. Speaking of reading books, I got Inferno by Dan Brown from the library! Yes, it’s complete junk food for the brain, but who cares?!

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