Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–Fort Wilderness 2013


We’re home!! We had a splendid week enjoying God’s creation in the Northwoods. For today’s “7 Quick Takes”, I’ll tell you about 7 high points of the week. Be prepared, though, for more fun Fort facts in the next few days.

1. Wild Man loves archery and shooting. This year, he won the archery tournament for his age group – and also scored higher than any of the adults in the tournament. For his prize, he got a double scoop of ice cream!!!

2. Speaking of ice cream, I had more ice cream this past week than any one person should have. But, it was delicious.

3. For a special breakfast this year, Grandma and I went to Trapper’s Breakfast. “Jacques” took us on a walk out to Cranberry Point and told us about the history of trappers in Wisconsin. At the end of the walk, we found waiting for us staff members who were making french toast, bacon, and cooked apples. It was a yummy breakfast and lovely morning.

4. Rosie Girl spent her time playing her ocarina, guitar, and tin whistle along with making a leather journal cover. Basically, she was creative at camp, like she is at home.

5. We took Wild Man’s girlfriend with us this year. She seemed to fit right in with our family and enjoyed herself.

6. We went on the Loon Float, which is a boat ride on Spider Lake to see some loons (if they’re around – which they usually are) and learn about them from the camp biologist. It was a very pleasant afternoon excursion.

7. The speaker for the week, Kent Carlson, spoke about the Kingdom of God, which was very interesting and helpful.

I’m sure I’ll be blogging more in the next few days about camp activities and what we did and learned.

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