Saturday, December 08, 2012

Our Week In Review–December 8, 2012


What happened this week? I had migraines. That’s what happened. Oh, wait. What happened with homeschooling? Oh. Lots and lots of stuff.

Wild Man

History – Wild Man is learning about the mid-1800s in the USA and should be moving on to the Civil War soon. He is reading The Slopes of War, a novel about the Battle of Gettysburg.

Literature – He finished reading Tom Sawyer, which he really enjoyed. I found that he hasn’t been reading his poetry, so I decided to read it with him. Deep Sigh. I helped him understand similes and metaphors as we were reading Emily Dickinson, but Wild Man just doesn’t “get” Dickinson. That being said, he had a much better time understanding metaphors and similes a few days later when he and Rosie Girl were singing “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan.

Writing – Wild Man wrote his paragraph this week about lakes. He and Rosie Girl both practiced clauses which helped Wild Man tremendously with doing the paragraph “dress-ups” that he’s supposed to do. Overall, I’m quite pleased with Wild Man’s writing these days.

Bible – We started using BibleMesh last week and Wild Man seems to be doing well with it. BibleMesh covers seven different eras of biblical history and I had Wild Man start with the unit about Jesus. It includes video, written information, and quizzes. We’re pretty happy with the program so far.

Science – Last week was lakes and this week was rivers.

Music – Wild Man marched with the high school band in the Appleton and Weyauwega Christmas parades and enjoyed them both. He’s still playing in the youth band and occasionally with the adult worship team. He is also playing on the Christmas Eve worship team. Rosie Girl is giving Wild Man music theory/piano lessons so that Wild Man can play keyboards and be better equipped for guitar and bass playing.


Rosie Girl

Social Science – She’s reading Lies My Teacher Told Me which examines bias in how history is presented in standard textbooks compared to the reality of history. She’s going to read The Godless Constitution next.

Literature – Rosie Girl started reading Frankenstein. Her writing assignment early in the week was to write a scene from two different perspectives – right up my creative girl’s alley!

Math – She’s still working through Algebra 2. She’s also doing Dave Ramsey’s homeschool curriculum. She is now completely terrified about college debt and determined to not need any loans for her college years.

Music – Rosie Girl’s piano recital was last Sunday. I missed it because of a migraine, but she did quite well. Her piano student’s recital is this Friday and Rosie Girl will also play her own recital piece there as well. Both girls (Rosie Girl and her student) are pretty excited! Rosie Girl is also playing keyboard for the church’s Christmas Eve program, which I find exciting since Rosie Girl doesn’t usually enjoy performing.


That’s our week. Not very exciting, but reasonably educational. How was your week?

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