Thursday, December 13, 2012

Big News!!


Rosie Girl got accepted into The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point!!! It was her first choice of a college, and the only one she’d applied to. What an exciting day! We’re thrilled that she got into the college she wanted, of course. We’re also happy to see that all these years of teaching her at home have paid off. Plenty of homeschoolers of our acquaintance have attended or are attending universities, so I know (intellectually) that Rosie Girl was almost certain to get accepted at UWSP, but it’s so nice for it to be confirmed.

The next step is for her to get her music audition scheduled. She’s had her two reference forms filled out. Now she needs to fill out her form and send it in and get a date and time for audition (hopefully in March). Then, it’s time to practice. And practice. And then practice some more. She wants to study composition, but they don’t have a composition major right now, so she’d just be in the Bachelor’s of Music program, but she needs to audition on piano since it’s her strongest instrument. She’s already been working on her audition pieces – she and her piano teacher chose them last summer. And, of course, she needs to finish her high school courses. Because, yes, UWSP does require that I send them a final transcript!!

My baby girl is definitely off to college next year. Deep sigh.


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