Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–August 31, 2012



1. On Monday of this week, I had a little black spot removed from my face by our local surgeon. It was an enlarged vein or “venous lake” – completely benign – but I wanted it off because my dad has had several very early stage melanoma lesions removed in the last couple of years. And I grew up with my fair Irish skin exposed to the Florida sun for the first 18 years of my life. So, nothing to worry about with this lesion. But, I know to keep a close eye on any changing skin lesions.

2. The big news this week for anyone not living under a rock was Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac. My parents live in Florida and got hit by the storm when it was still a Tropical Storm. They were fortunate to avoid significant flooding in their neighborhood, but I have friends rather close by who ended up with several inches of water in their house. Yuck!

3. And then, Hurricane Isaac went on to the Gulf Coast. And, of course, I have lots of friends and family there since I went to college at LSU and med school at Tulane. Everyone I know is doing well and I don’t think any of them got their houses flooded this time around. My parents also own a some land in southwestern Mississippi with a trailer on it. The most recent word is that the trailer is still standing – but no one would have been crazy enough to try to ride out such a storm in a trailer. They’re glad it didn’t seem to sustain much damage, though.

4. The other big news was the Republican National Convention. And we didn’t watch any of it. I know, I know, we’re pathetic homeschoolers. In our defense, we don’t start “school” till next week when I plan to have the kids watch the speeches by the candidates of both major parties. I’m not sure what kind of discussion we’ll have, but I will ensure that they will be somewhat educated citizens.

5. Wild Man has been taking every opportunity in the last few days to allow his brain to become completely “mushified” before school starts by watching TV and anime shows and playing video games. I told him I don’t mind much – it gives me a nice, blank slate to work with next week.

6. Rosie Girl has worked her last weekday of the summer. She’s now back to just weekends (except for teaching piano lessons and babysitting). She’s saved up a good bit of money which will go a long way toward buying a car before she goes to college.

7. I finally have all the books in the house on the correct bookshelves. Both kids have cleaned their desks in the new schoolroom/old sunroom. (I have several bags of items to sort through and decide how to handle – probably throw away – but at least the kids did their part of the cleaning up!) Now I need to spend a good bit of tomorrow setting up calendars and school assignments. The organizational part of me is happy. The lazy part of me – not so much.

How has your week been? Did you get flooded? Did you watch the convention or make your kids watch it?

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