Saturday, August 04, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–August 3, 2012

It’s Friday again. Funny how this keeps happening every seven days, huh? So, what’s up? Glad you asked . . .

1. Our family finally has 2 clean vehicles!! Yes, I paid (bribed, rewarded, choose your verb) Wild Man to clean them within an inch of their lives. Turns out that money is highly motivating for that boy. And that’s a good tidbit of info for me!

2. Wild Man got back from Colorado with the youth group on Saturday night. I’m sticking with my “migraine diet” as well as “no sugar” diet except that I’m allowing myself one sweet treat on the weekend. After we got Wild Man and all of his things packed into the van, we stopped at the Wega Drive-In for ice cream, enjoying the slightly cooler air of the evening, and being together as a family again!

3. And here is the obligatory complaint about the weather. I promise not to complain much about the cold and snow this winter, but I just can’t help saying something about how awful this summer has been. It’s been above 90 degrees more days than I can remember when we’re used to just having a week or two of such high temps. It’s like living down South again. The nice thing about living up here is supposed to be that we deal with rotten winters but have amazing summers. Alas, that’s not how it worked this year.

4. I really worked at the shop for 2 1/2 days this week. Not bad, considering my usual schedule. I’m being reminded, though, that work is actually work. And I’m tired.

5. Are you watching the Olympics? It’s messing with our sleep and reading time around here, but we love watching it anyway.

6. Yoga is from the devil. Not because it’s got overtones of Eastern Religion – after all, a person can do yoga poses without being Buddhist or Hindu. No, it’s because it’s really hard and almost kills me! I did five minutes yesterday and thought I might never move again. Yes, yoga is from the devil.

7. My counselor and I are working to find something that can be comforting to me during a migraine that isn’t food. When the pain is bad, but the nausea is under control, I like to eat ice cream. It just makes me feel good. But, it’s not really good for me. Well, not in the quantities in which I’d like to eat it. I’m going to try lighting a vanilla candle on the table beside me and see if the scent and general happy glow help the next time I have a migraine.

And now, it’s Saturday. So, maybe it should be 7 Quick Takes Saturday. Alas. Anyway, check out what’s going on with others at Conversion Diary!

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