Monday, February 27, 2012


Mondays are our days off around here.  When I was working in medicine, we generally looked forward to the weekend unless I was on call on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  Otherwise, we looked forward to the day after I was on call (because I was off after I was done finishing up everything from the night before).  With the yarn shop, though, we don’t have a full weekend free.  Not only is the shop open from 10-3 on Saturday, but we schedule classes for Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon.  Sundays are often pretty busy, too, because Wild Man has to be at church early to help out with Children’s Ministry in both services and PWM often plays bass guitar in both services, and then Wild Man has Youth Band practice most Sunday afternoons.  Rosie Girl often works weekends as well.

By the time we get to Monday, we are often a tired family, so Monday is our day off.  The kids still have to go to their public school classes, but we otherwise try to just relax and do some things around the house.  If I had a weekend without migraines, then I quite often do some laundry and house cleaning.  If not, I don’t get much housework done.  PWM likes to get to the basement to work on his lathe when he can, but sometimes Mondays become errand days.  And if it’s been a busy week and weekend, we sometimes spend a lot of time just reading and watching movies and relaxing.  We need Mondays.

A couple of weeks ago, the public school had a teacher’s workday, so we decided to take a day trip to MagiQuest in Wisconsin Dells.  My brother and his family had gone to a MagiQuest in another part of the country and really enjoyed it, so they gave Wild Man and Rosie Girl money for admission and wands for Christmas.  The trip was a great success!  We purchased our wands and got started on our adventures to find different things.  We would get clues and then point our wands at items when we found them.  The wand would remember what we found, and tell us when we finished a quest.  The hardest thing was that the activities were spread among four stories!!  We were running up and down stairs like crazy people!  I gave out before the end and found a corner to rest and knit, but PWM, Wild Man, and Rosie Girl pooled their resources and beat the dragon!!  It was one of our better Mondays!


While the rest of the country dreads Monday because it’s the start of the workweek, we look forward to Mondays and some rest.  Tuesdays, on the other hand . . . .

What are Mondays like for you?

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