Friday, February 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–February 24, 2012

We’ve made it to the end of yet another week!!  Here’s some of what’s going on around here.

  1. Our local library is putting on a yarncraft show, and The Knitting Nest, as the local yarn shop, has an exhibit.  I put together a “science-fair-type” board with information about different knitting techniques and then displayed on the tables lots of projects and books with those techniques.  I was only at the exhibit for an hour today, but I’ll be there most of tomorrow.
  2. Wild Man has Solo and Ensemble tomorrow.  He will be playing a Timpani solo and also participating in a mixed percussion ensemble.  PWM and I have to be here in town, one of us to keep the shop open and the other for the library exhibit, so we won’t be able to hear it – bummer.
  3. Rosie Girl got a short tutorial today on spinning with a drop spindle from a friend who was doing a spinning exhibit at the library yarncraft show.  Rosie Girl has a drop spindle of her own as well as some blue roving (wool), so maybe this will inspire her to try working with it again.
  4. We are getting a real phone again!  We were so proud of how “techno” we were a few years ago when we went to having cell phones for each member of the family.  And it has worked out reasonably well except for one “little” problem.  The kids don’t keep their phones on.  When PWM or I call them and we don’t get an answer when they’re supposed to be at home, we don’t know if their phones or off if they’ve been abducted.  There’s a bit of a difference.  PWM found out that we will actually pay less by adding a phone line to our cable service (something about the cable company owning the phone lines or something . . . ) so the installers came out today.  Wild Man and I could not find the phone jack despite 15 minutes of looking (and creating quite a mess), so they tied the phone into the cable.  So, back to the future we go . . .
  5. Rosie Girl decided to write her research paper on how Howard Shore’s score for The Lord of the Rings is the best score in modern cinematic history.  This, of course, means that she’s had to watch the trilogy and appendices multiple times in the last few weeks.  And PWM and I have had to support her in this endeavor. 
  6. So, I’ve been watching Downton Abbey with the rest of the country.  Rosie Girl teases me about it – and then sits and watches it with me.  And then I tease her.
  7. On Monday, I had three errands to do: get my blood drawn, pick up medicine from the pharmacy, and stop by the accountant office to sign papers.  I did the first two, but managed to forget the third.  And I didn’t remember it until later that night.  I ended up with a headache on Tuesday, so PWM drove me to the accountant Tuesday evening for me to sign my name twice for the tax papers to be done. 

So, what has your week been like?  Anything interesting?

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