Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Kids

I have some wonderful kids.  They are funny, sweet, and smart.  Of course, there are times when they can be trying, selfish, and annoying – but I try not to think about those too often.  Today’s post is just a list of things that my kids have done or said in the last month or so.

1. Rosie Girl has her driver’s license!!  She drove to the grocery store for  me the other day.  She drove to a sleepover.  Right now, she can only drive the van, but we want to teach her to drive the Saturn VUE very soon because it is a standard transmission and gets much better gas mileage.

2. Rosie Girl went on a tubing trip with some friends Sunday afternoon and then slept over on Sunday night.  Monday morning, she got up at 5:30am and drove herself home to get a shower and get to her babysitting job by 7:30.  Yeah, she’s growing up.

3. Wild Man has been pricing a lot of our yarn and other items.  On the first day, he was playing with the price gun and “priced” me with a $0.50 sticker.  The next day, I got priced at $5.00.  I guess he’s realizing my value!

4. Wild Man said to Grandma while they were pricing yarn the other day, “You know, this would be a lot more fun if the yarn attacked until you priced it!”  Yes, he likes video games.  Why do you ask?024

5. We had Chinese food for dinner last night, courtesy of Wild Man.  He had earned money for mowing Grandma’s lawn, so he decided to treat the whole family to a yummy meal!

6. PWM took Rosie Girl to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned and to have her jaw pain evaluated.  The good news is that the jaw pain is just muscle spasms.  The bad news is that she needs a bite guard to wear at night to prevent her grinding her teeth, which is not cheap.  And all this while Wild Man is getting his braces on.

7. So, in the middle of trying to open a yarn store, we are also having to get Wild Man in to his orthodontist appointments, and we found out today that he has band lessons this week.  Somehow, we didn’t get a schedule.  I had made sure that he got registered for the class, but I was planning to call the band director today.  Instead, some friends stopped by the shop since one of their girls had band lessons, so PWM and Wild Man went to the school and got the schedule.  Thankfully, Wild Man hadn’t missed any practices.

8. Rosie Girl’s current projects include crocheting a backpack to go with one of her CosPlay costumes as well as crocheting Barbie clothes for one of the little girls that she babysits because  the little girl has lost Barbie’s clothes and Rosie Girl thinks it will be more fun to play with a Barbie with clothes.  (Wow.  That’s a really long sentence, but I don’t think it’s a run-on.)

9. Sassy (one of the cats) has been trying to escape whenever we open the door again.  One or both of the kids ends up running out after her to catch her before she gets too deep in the bushes.  Dumb cat.

10. I had a short “orientation” with each of the kids about this next year’s schoolwork.  They weren’t overly thrilled, but they don’t want to go to public school, so they do their work, even when it’s not their first choice.  We actually start our new school year the day after Labor Day.



How are your kids?  Are they doing anything fun and exciting?!

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