Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday–August 19, 2011


1. Football season is upon us!!  You can’t live so close to Lambeau Field (aka The Frozen Tundra) and not be affected by the start of football season.  We love our Packers up here!!

2. Rosie Girl has been doing a lot of babysitting and they asked her today if they could pay her for several day’s worth of work with a Kindle that they got as a gift but don’t use.  Rosie Girl loves her words, so she was thrilled to get the Kindle!!  I think the free books alone will keep her busy for a year or two!

3. Wild Man got the first part of his braces this week – it’s a palate expander with a little wrench that PWM uses at night to open the expander a little more.  Poor Wild Man has been stuck on mostly soft foods along with lots of ibuprofen.

4. This was a terrible week to have a migraine, and I, of course, had a three-day migraine.  Yuck!  The migraine started on Tuesday.  We did the Chamber’s Business After Five on Wednesday evening, so I was pretty highly medicated.  I finally woke up this morning feeling MUCH better.  This has been a very clear indication that The Knitting Nest is operated by PWM and that I’m a “yarn groupie” or “expert consultant” or “the cute woman who shows up to knit every couple of days” or “the woman who sleeps with the owner and has lots of influence over inventory and shop management.” 

5. On Wednesday, my motto was from the penguins in “Madagascar”: “Smile and wave, boys; smile and wave!”  And it worked.

6. Rosie Girl has been spending quality time with her guitar.  I walked in the other day and she was playing and singing “Into The West” from The Lord of the Rings movie series.  Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

7. Our church’s Rock The City is this Sunday!!  PWM and Wild Man will be very busy tomorrow with practices because PWM is playing bass guitar in the main worship service and Wild Man is playing percussion and drums with the Youth Band.

How has your week been?  Check out 7 Quick Takes Friday to see what others have been up to!


thefrogspond said...

I feel for Wild Man - my experience with the same was not smooth. Once the bone snapped though, life was much better. He'll master the art of eating pasta with that thing in no time.

Savannah has been dying for years to learn how to play guitar. I think she'll get an introduction in school this year and then we'll consider lessons. Her desire for the guitar is the reason she plays percussion now. I told her she should join the school band to get the concept of playing an instrument down first.

thefrogspond said...

Oh geez, my main reason I even commented was to say I was glad you are feeling better! :)