Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Works For Me Wednesday – 3/30/2011


It’s springtime, and I’m itchy to get our house decluttered and simplified.  Not only that, we are actively looking for a building downtown where we can open a yarn shop on the main floor and live in another portion of the building.  That means we’ll be in a much smaller space.  To get started, yesterday I cleaned off some bookshelves and made piles of books to be given away.  I think the give-away piles include about 40% of our books.  We’re going to take them to our local library, but there are lots of other places you can give books.

1. Library – check and see if your library is interested in your books.  Our library puts what they can into circulation and then sells the rest at their annual book sale.

2. Used bookstores – We gave our last bunch of books to the local used bookstore.  They price the books at 50% of the retail price.  They give us credit for all the books that we bring in and then we can use our credits for up to 50% of the cost of our next purchase.

3. Jail – A friend suggested this on Facebook.  They are also happy to take some of the easier-to-read books because the inmates have varying levels of literacy.

4. Goodwill or local thrift store – I’ve bought some of my favorite books at Goodwill.

5. Homeschool group or convention – Many homeschool groups have used book sales near the end of the school year where we can sell our old books and get used books for next year.  Our state’s homeschool convention also has a used book sale where people can buy and sell books.

Any other ideas?  Where do you take your old books when you are Spring Cleaning?

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Anonymous said...
You get credit for books you post and books that people order from you. Then you can turnaround and get the ones you want. I would first check out if there is a list of books you need first.