Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day!

The winter storm started yesterday with mixed rain and sleet.  Then we had some snow, then more icy rain but this time with thunder and lightening.  And, of course, I had a migraine.  Let me tell you, though, listening to the sleet hit the windows while it was thundering and lightening last night was a strange experience.  I always think of snow storms as being generally quiet, or maybe having a little howling wind.  The thunder and lightening is supposed to come with rainstorms – and rain, not snow!

We took a snow day today like the public schools.  Normally, we continue with our regular work, but Rosie Girl is getting over a cold, Wild Man started yesterday on antibiotics for tonsillitis and sinusitis, PWM is on the tail end of a cold, and I have a migraine.  Yes, we’re quite the picture here.  Unfortunately, it’s going to be cold for several more days.  This is a problem because PWM and I feel like we need to open up the house, spray Lysol everywhere, and then leave for a few hours (or days).  We’re probably going to open up the house tomorrow anyway and just bundle up!

Today, PWM has read to us from The Hobbit.  Rosie Girl scanned one of her drawings into the computer and is working on it in Gimp (a graphics program).  Wild Man has been listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when I’ve had it on and has played Wii, even beating PWM at bowling.  PWM is working on some little projects around the house.  I’ve been working on some knitting.  At some point, PWM is going to deal with the snow, but it’s still coming down.

What do you do on bad weather days?

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