Friday, March 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday – 3/25/2011


1. I still haven’t blogged about our trip to Universal Studios in Florida.  In summary, it was a total blast!!  More later.

2. Today was Day #4 of a migraine.  I start to get really crabby after about 2 days.  Thankfully, it appears to be a good  bit better.

3. We watched MegaMind tonight.  That is one of the best family films I’ve seen in a long time.  Entirely too often, my mind gets distracted because the plot is dragging, or there’s just a bunch of action animation.  This one, though, was entertaining to the end.

4. We got eight inches of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Unfortunately, it also rained, so there were layers of snow and ice.  I drove Wild Man to church last night, and he and I scraped/pushed/otherwise removed a good three inches of snow and ice from the top of the car.

5. However, my family is determined that it really is springtime, so we got a watermelon!!

6. Between the winter blahs and the colds/sinus infections in this house, we are ready for warmer weather and to open the windows!  Rosie Girl and PWM still have left-overs of their colds and Wild Man was diagnosed with sinusitis on Tuesday.  I’m the only one who hasn’t had an upper respiratory infection (fingers crossed, knock on wood!).

7. You know already that Rosie Girl plays piano and Wild Man plays percussion.  Rosie Girl also plays ocarina and got a double ocarina this week.  She is thrilled!!  The double ocarina gives here a much wider range to play.  Wild Man is now learning to play electric bass and doing quite well.

I’m not feeling terribly verbose today, so it’s a short post.  Check out what other people are up to at 7 Quick Takes Friday.

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ccc said...

What a coincidence! We watched Megamind last night also. I was a little concerned with the music at first, but I guess they fixed it up all right.