Friday, July 10, 2009


We’re home from Family Camp!!  We had a blast this year, as usual.  And, as usual, we came home exhausted.

This was our seventh year going to Family Camp and the speaker this year was the same speaker as the very first year we went.  Funny story:  In our first year, I was kind of hesitant about the whole idea of going to camp and having Bible Study sessions five or six times during the week (yes, I was young and stupid at the time).  Then, the speaker got up the first night and said that he was going to talk through the first six chapters of Romans during the week.  I thought he was crazy!!  What in the world was I going to learn in a week of sermons about Romans in the middle of the Northwoods?  The answer: quite a bit.  That week ended up being just wonderful and the first six chapters of Romans spoke to me much more than I expected (OK, God spoke to me through the first six chapters of Romans).  Not only that, every single year, I learn something new and interesting and God speaks to me during Family Camp.  This year, the speaker (Larry McKenzie) spoke about Genesis 1-2 and about how it’s not intended to tell us how God created everything, but rather to tell us about God.  You can go to Fort’s website and listen to his messages (they aren’t up yet, but I guess they’ll be up by next week).  I loved listening to him!

I’m sure I’ll post more later in the next several days, including some rather serious thoughts that I had up in the Northwoods.  Right now, here are some random facts about our week:

Wild Man did not take a shower all week.  He did finally go swimming yesterday, which cleaned him up a little.

Rosie Girl was part of the Junior Drill team again this year.  It’s the only time she rides horses all year long, and I’m always impressed with her ability.

Wild Man and I went to a Lumberjack breakfast where we had yummy pancakes cooked on a griddle out by the lake.  Rosie Girl, Grandma, and Mr. Math Tutor went (on another morning) on a Wrangler’s breakfast where they rode a horse-drawn cart to another lakeshore and had eggs and potatoes.

Mr. Math Tutor and Wild Man both won the archery tournaments for their age groups.

Mr. Math Tutor, Wild Man, and Rosie Girl were all eliminated from the carpetball tournament on the first round this year (Mr. Math Tutor has won several previous years).

I had a migraine on Saturday night (when we arrived) and then not again until Thursday night and today.  The rest of the time I just had my usual headaches.  I definitely felt more involved in camp this year than last year.

So, more pictures and stories later.  We’re all pretty wiped out right now.  We need to clean house tomorrow and I need to go grocery shopping.  Wild Man also has a baseball tournament during the day.  Gonna be a busy weekend.  I think I’ll go read a book.

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