Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pros and Cons of Living Near the Fairgrounds

We live two blocks from the county fairgrounds, which can be good and bad during the week of the County Fair. Here's the breakdown:

1. Easy to get to and from the Fair.
2. The family of one of my best friends often stays with us during the Fair since her girls are showing goats, rabbits, and horses.
3. Proximity to funnel cakes!!
4. We can go to the Fair every day, so we don't have to see everything on the same day.
5. We get to see lots of friends who are participating in the Fair.
6. Good opportunity for kids to learn to manage money over several days.
7. Neighborhood kids selling lemonade.

1. The noise of the tractor pull and the Midway. Good thing we're used to staying up late this week.
2. Proximity to funnel cakes.
3. Wild Man kind of acts like the Fair is an extension of our backyard. He has to work to remember that he has to ask to go and to take his phone.
4. Kids spending most of their money on the first day (ask me how I know).
5. Lots of traffic in our little town.

The pros outweigh the cons so far. The kids and Mr. Math Tutor were at the Fair for an hour or so this evening. I was about to go to the basement to walk on the treadmill and decided that maybe I should walk out to the Fair instead of the treadmill. So, I called Mr. Math Tutor and met him and the kids at the Fair. We walked around a little bit, got some funnel cakes, and came home to watch Olympics and listen to the tractor pull (which is, mercifully, quieter here than it was at the Fairgrounds).

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