Monday, August 15, 2016

What I'm Up To

School is about to start which means that Chris (Wild Man) is about to go off to college (although I expect he'll be home a lot of weekends) and Patrick (PWM) will be back to teaching. And, I'll be home with the cats during the day. What's someone with chronic migraine to do?

What will I do with myself? I thought about taking a seminary class on Genesis or New Testament Survey. The problem is that my headaches tend to show up at inconvenient times - like when papers are due or when online discussion groups are scheduled. I might try it another time, but I've got a few other things to keep me busy until then.

It turns out that I have a bunch of books that I've purchased or that have been given to me that I haven't read (or started and haven't finished) yet. This fall seems like the perfect opportunity.

  • The Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight (almost done)
  • Hearing God by Dallas Willard
  • A Fine-Tuned Universe by Alister McGrath
  • C.S. Lewis: A Life by Alister McGrath
  • Confessions by St. Augustine (Lydia and I are reading this together and getting together for discussions every month or so.)
  • The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight
  • Serious Dangerous Religion by Iain Provan
  • Darwinism and the Divine by Alister McGrath
  • Ancient-Future Time by Robert E. Webber
  • black and white bible: black and blue wife by Ruth Tucker
  • The Heaven Promise by Scot McKnight
  • The Epistles of St. John by F.F. Bruce
Now that I look at the list, it seems a little daunting. It might take more than the fall, especially since I plan to continue to reading some fiction from the library on the side. As always, friend me on Goodreads (Catherine Martin) to see what I'm reading and what I've thought of my recent reads.

Of course, I'm going to knit. I've got a few projects planned for the next year or two.
  • Christmas presents - No, I won't tell you what they are. Some of the recipients read this blog.
  • A Fair Isle sweater from a kit from Knit Picks. I actually made this sweater several years ago in XL. Unfortunately, when I was washing and blocking it, I thought I could get away with spinning it in the dryer for a couple of minutes to get a bit of the water out of it. No. It felted. I ordered a couple more balls of yarn and I'm working on another sweater. I've got the sleeves almost done. I'm much more confident on this sweater now that I know how to knit and cut steeks.
  • I love modular knitting. I found a cool pattern in a book that I have and I actually have enough yarn to make it!! It's a short sleeved sweater, so I'll probably try to make it for spring.
  • I'm working on a double-knit scarf. I wanted to enter it in the County Fair this year, but I've only got six inches done so far and the Fair is next week. I'm on row 70 out of 500. Yeah. I'll enter it in the Fair next year. But, I'll work on it this year.
  • For when my head aches and I don't want to think, I'm making a blanket that's mostly garter stitch.
  • When I get another itch to organize something I'll organize all my works-in-progress (WIPs).
Other things I want to do between headaches
  • Coloring! I've got my coloring books and pencils that are great for a rainy day.
  • Pokemon Go! I am having a great time with this game. I've changed my walking routine so that I can stop by a couple of PokeStops for PokeBalls a couple of times.
  • Internet Monk ( is doing a study on the book of James that I'm following along with.
  • Clean out the basement. We have stuff that needs to be given away and stuff to be thrown away.
  • Clean the upstairs closet. This will take all of 30 minutes once I set my mind to it. I hope.
  • Re-organize my room. When we made Lydia's room into a room for our exchange student, we emptied her desk's contents into a box and left the box in our room. I need to deal with that box along with other stuff in our room.
Right now, though, the Olympics are on, so I am going to watch the Olympics and knit.

What are your plans for the Fall? Anything interesting?


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