Wednesday, March 09, 2016


I am a reader. I love books. And I mean real books, made of paper and ink with spines and pages. I had a Kindle, but never could get used to reading books on the Kindle. I love to read blogs and newspapers on my computer, but I always gravitate back to my books.

When I was working, I didn't get to do much "fun" reading. Most of my reading was medical journals. Important, but not fun.

Nowadays, I'm a library user. Living in a small town, we have a rather small library. Thankfully, though, the Weyauwega library is part of the Outagamie Waupaca Library System. I can order any book from over 15 libraries in the area. Of course, the most popular books are short-loan, so I have to finish them in two weeks. That's usually not a problem unless I end up getting two or three short loan books at the same time!!

I don't buy a lot of books, but sometimes I want books that the library system doesn't have. Scot McKnight is one of my favorite authors and might be coming to speak at our church sometime this year, so I bought three of his books the other day. I also have two of Pete Enns' books and some Alistair McGrath and C.S. Lewis (the library has his, I just want to have my own copies). 

And, then there are audiobooks. Our library system has a large collection of audiobooks online through Overdrive, so I don't purchase audiobooks. I've gotten hooked on podcasts recently, but I still like fiction audiobooks.

So, friend me on Goodreads and we can read each other's book reviews and get more ideas for books to read. Like I really need any more. But, hey, why not? A book list a mile long isn't a bad thing!!

What are your recent favorite books? Are you one Goodreads? Go friend me!!

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