Sunday, November 15, 2015


I'm feeling so discouraged today. I know that my antidepressant is working because I'm just discouraged and not completely depressed and apathetic.

I've had a migraine every day for about a week and a half. And this morning's was the worst, 8+/10. I treated today with 4mg of tizanidine which brought it down to a 6/10, which is much more manageable.

The migraines have all been triggered by weather or hormones, but having a reason for them doesn't make the pain better. On the bad days, I take a triptan or tizanidine, but I can only take a triptan twice a week. I took ibuprofen on Tuesday, so I could go have lunch with Rosie Girl. (Ibuprofen is something I take very sparingly because I have mild kidney damage.)

I've tried to do the things that make me feel emotionally better when I'm in pain. I've been walking when I can, although that often makes my head hurt worse. I've tried to eat healthy. I made butternut squash soup and discovered that I don't like it. Sigh. Mint M&Ms, on the other hand . . . . 

And then Paris happened the other night. Yikes! 

I have lots of plans for the next couple of weeks and I'd really like my body to cooperate. Rosie Girl is in the university's choir and orchestra's production of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony next weekend. Then, the week of Thanksgiving, I'll be in Florida to help put on a big 50th Anniversary Party for my parents. It's going to be lots of fun, and I'd like to be able to enjoy it without a huge migraine!!

I'm hanging on the John 6:33 "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart; I have overcome the world." I'm not feeling it, but it's all I've got now.

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