Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lagniappe Feb 21, 2015

Here's just some random stuff from this week

  • We watched "The Theory of Everything" tonight. Overall, it was a good movie.  I'm always sad to see a marriage fail, so that wasn't good. It's amazing, though, that he has lived with some variant of ALS for about 50 years. Granted, he's down to one cheek muscle for communication. Without modern technology, he wouldn't be alive, much the less communicating. I'd recommend that you take the time to see the movie.
  • I'm reading The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. The main character is very much like Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory", so that's whose voice I hear as I read (the book is written in first person). However, the book is set in Australia, so the  characters should all have Australian accents. In my head everyone has Australian accents except the main character who has a mild Texas accent. Yes, it's strange.
  • A couple that I know just adopted an adorable little girl this week!! They signed papers today and put pictures on Facebook. I'm so excited every time another couple I know starts this exciting journey of parenthood!
  • Did you see the SNL 40th anniversary show? It was pretty funny. What was really bad, though, was that PWM and I told Wild Man that it was Jimmy Fallon and Dana Carvey that did Wayne's World. We had to admit we were wrong later this week and tell him that it was Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. Oops. Bad parent moment.
So, how was your week. Find me on Goodreads and see what I've been reading. Friend me so I can get some new book ideas. I can't knit all the time!!

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