Thursday, February 13, 2014

Romans 12:15–February 13, 2014

In Romans 12, Paul is giving the Romans some practical ways to show love. In verse 15, he writes, “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” This has been the week for it.

One of my college friends is on hospice and not expected to live out the week. Unfortunately, she lives down South and I won’t make it to the funeral. Thankfully, I’m in touch with friends through social media. Last night I found out that one of my previous co-workers died from ALS. His death wasn’t unexpected; he quit practicing medicine soon after I did because of the diagnosis. But, it’s sad. He was only 63. And I found that another former co-worker, this time a back office employee, has breast cancer. That’s a lot of mourning for one week, if you ask me.

But, there are blessings. I’ve had three non-migraine days in a row. That must count for something. But, more substantially, two women (much younger than I) who happen to live in different states than I have given birth to precious babies this week. I am thanking God for Facebook! I can’t get enough pictures of these darling sweeties. And, another friend made it to the 36 week mark without having her baby! So, of course, we’re all on pins and needles for that one to be born. (Especially me, because that baby is here in town and I’ll get to hold and snuggle him occasionally. Well, I’ll have to get in line, but eventually, I’ll get so see him in person.)

And through all of this, God is in control. Death is a part of the cycle of life and death that we all must face. Yes, my college friend is too young to die. As was my co-worker. The way that we can love those around us best right now is to just “mourn with those who mourn”. These people have touched a lot of lives and I know that they will be very missed and there will be much mourning. But, we are also to love by “rejoic(ing) with those who rejoice”. And I know, under all the sleeplessness, there is much rejoicing for new life brought into the world.

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