Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday–February 28, 2014


After two weeks of neglecting my blog, I’m sure I have more than seven things I could share, but I’ll limit this post to just seven.

1. Wild Man is getting all of his stuff ready for Solo and Ensemble tomorrow. He is performing in seven (yes, SEVEN!) musical pieces tomorrow: 2 pieces with Show Choir, Stars from Les Mis for Musical Theater Solo, Vocal Solo, Vocal Duet, Percussion Ensemble, and Marimba Solo. He’s going to be a busy boy tomorrow!

2. Between migraines, I’ve actually gotten some cleaning and organizing done around the house. Goodwill and St. Vincent’s are the recipients of our efforts. I even gave away some school books this time around; PWM is thrilled!

3. It is officially the second coldest winter in our area since records have been kept. We don’t even blink an eye when the temperatures are below zero anymore. Spring could come anytime. Really.

4. Due to the depressing winter, one of the pipes going from the house to the shop has frozen. It probably hasn’t burst the pipe because it froze because the frost line in the ground has gone low enough to freeze pipes that are usually low enough to not freeze. (Did that make any sense?) In fact, our town has us all running water so the town pipes don’t freeze. When people taking knitting classes need to use the bathroom, we have to escort them into the house, which I guess is a good incentive to keep the bathroom clean.

5. We’re still working on eating more healthy, particularly because of PWM’s elevated blood sugars. He tried making pizza with cauliflower crust today which he said wasn’t too bad, but was pretty labor-intensive. I eat pretty poorly when I have a migraine because I have little appetite and because I have no interest in actually cooking anything. So, I pretty much have a few graham crackers and some milk. But, when my head feels better, I’ve been eating veggies and some fruit, too. Someone, be proud of me!

6. I decided to try a yoga video the other day and got through 30 minutes of it. I figured I’d do the other 30 minutes yesterday – until I got up. Oh. My. Goodness. I was really sore and I’m still feeling it today. (Actually, I have a migraine, so I hurt everywhere today.) I ended up just doing treadmill yesterday. I guess I’ll try yoga when this headache calms down (tomorrow?). It did seem like it could be a relaxing form of exercise when I get used to it.

7. This has been the first winter in several years that I didn’t end up calling my doctor for more meds for depression. That has to be partly due to the fact that I’m pretty maxed out on my depression meds. Otherwise, it’s something of a miracle since it’s been so cold and I’ve been indoors and I’ve had lots of headaches. But, I think it’s notable. And it allows me to do useful things between headache instead of sit and stare at a wall.

And, on that optimistic note, I’ll remind you that comments are most welcome and suggest that you check out 7 Quick Takes at Jen’s blog!

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