Friday, August 09, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday


1. We opened The Knitting Nest in our new location today on Tuesday!! Our customers really like our new place as much as we do.

2. Tuesday night’s storm only left us without power for about 12 hours. We’ve been praying for those nearby with more damage and been very thankful that things weren’t worse here.

3. Wild Man had his final exam in Driver’s Ed this morning and passed! He’ll start his driving in November and plans to get his driver’s license the first of May. Wow. Can this really be happening?

4. Rosie Girl and I went shopping yesterday and got the last few things on her college shopping list. Two and a half more weeks before she leaves . . .

5. I’ve worked some in the shop every day of this week. I think this explains why I’m so tired and why the house is such a mess.

6. I finally got my washer and dryer, but couldn’t use them because both kids wanted to do laundry as soon as they were hooked up. I guess I raised my kids pretty well if they want to do their own laundry that badly.

7. In two and a half weeks, Rosie Girl goes to college and Wild Man starts his sophomore year homeschooling. No, I’m not ready.

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Jenny said...

How fun to have a yarn shop. My daughters and I went into one once and it was calming and beautiful.