Saturday, June 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–Ireland


I’m devoting this week’s 7 Quick Takes to the kids’ trip to Ireland because, well, Ireland!

1. Quiet has left our house now that the kids are back home! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve had people noise and music again since Wednesday night!

2. Both kids got tin whistles. Rosie Girl got 2 “tourist quality” whistles, one in the key of D and one in the key of C, as well as a “real” tin whistle. She was sitting and playing one while they had some free time on their tour and one of the other tour members dropped a Euro at her feet – it’s the first money she’s made as a street musician!

3. Wild Man got me a Cavanaugh (actually “Kavanagh”) coat of arms with history and room for genealogy information on it since my family on the paternal side is the Cavanaugh’s.

4. Rosie Girl, knowing that I love religious artifacts, got me a celtic cross from a church. It’s just beautiful. She also got me a worry stone from some special Irish marble.

5. Grandma brought home some truffles from the Jameson Irish Whiskey plant. Oh, my, were those some yummy truffles! But, I did share with the rest of the family.

6. I felt kind of bad for the kids and Grandma. Not only did they have jet lag from coming home, but they came home with jackets on to temperatures in the 80’s with 100% humidity. Thankfully, yesterday’s storms brought a cool front. Nonetheless, Wild Man has decided that he wants to move to Ireland when he’s an adult.

7. The kids loved the music in Ireland. Rosie Girl was excited about one duo because they go to Thailand to make their instruments. Wild Man got to learn to play one of the hand drums that one of the groups played.

Yep, my kids loved their trip to Ireland and we can’t thank Grandma enough for taking them. It’s an experience that they won’t ever forget. They learned a lot about Ireland, but they also had some great experiences.

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KC said...

Awesome trip! When my sister went several years ago, she fell in love with the countryside. Our biological great-grandmother immigrated to the US from Ireland (O'Briant is my mother's maiden name). So my children have roots on both sides of the family. :) Would love to have a copy of the geneaology sometime. What a wonderful opportunity and experience your kids had! As a side note, Conor (who used to room with C & was in the Corps with him) is now living in Ireland (where he's from). If he was reliable enough, I told C we could go visit! But he's always moving from place to place. Maybe one day we'll get over there.....