Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

It’s only 10:24pm.  I might actually get this done on Friday!

1. Two migraines this week. I guess this is good. Since one of them has been today, I’m not so optimistic. I get my Botox on Friday, so I’ll have three months of not being able to raise my eyebrows. Fun!

2. Rosie Girl turns 17 this week, but we celebrated this past Wednesday because of her work schedule. I’m glad I get a week to get used to the idea.

3. Wild Man is performing in our local community theater’s one-act plays next weekend. They still needed to cast one more teenage boy and remembered that Wild Man had auditioned a few years ago for a play that never ended up getting put on. The director came by the knitting shop to see if Wild Man would be willing to read for this show. He’s going to be in two of the plays – I can’t wait to see the performances!

4. We’re feeling the advantages of living in a small town these days – Rosie Girl works within walking distance of her job, Wild Man is within walking distance of the theater and his lawn mowing jobs, and PWM and I can walk to our shop and the library.

5. Speaking of the library, I discovered that my library card can expire. I tried to check out an audiobook, but the site wouldn’t let me. It turns out that they make us renew our cards every three years so they can verify address and phone numbers.  Who knew? (Well, the librarians did, I guess.)

6. I’ve been knitting some chemo caps for some friends of a friend.  They’re English driving cap style and have turned out wonderfully. I’ll have pictures later this week.

7. I filled out camp forms for the kids today. Wild Man is almost 5’10”. I am so not ready for this.

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