Saturday, April 02, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Actually, Saturday) April 2, 2011


Today’s 7 Quick Takes is a knitting edition!  Between knitting and thinking about and planning for a yarn shop, I’ve become rather obsessed.  So, I’ll share that obsession with you!

1. I was keeping all my yarn in zip top bags and had all the bags piled in an antique crib/bassinet that was hand-made for my dad (60+ years ago).  Unfortunately, it was just about impossible to find a specific kind of yarn or to see what kind of yarn I actually have.  Over the last couple of weeks, PWM and I have been cleaning out books (a painful task!) and I got the large bookcase in the living room emptied.  I put all the yarn on the bookcase tonight, separated by fiber type.  Unfortunately, it just barely fits on the bookcase and bags of yarn have been “jumping” on to the floor.  So, I need to evaluate my yarn storage again.  Sigh.

2. Early in the week, PWM and I went to Appleton and talked with the owner of a yarn shop.  She gave us lots of good information, but it was her encouragement that was most helpful.  PWM and I are getting more and more excited about the opportunity to open a shop!

3. Last weekend, we looked at another downtown building for our shop.  The building used to be an accountant’s office downstairs and a dentist office upstairs, but it’s been empty for a number of years.  The downstairs would require cosmetic work to make a retail space, but the upstairs would need more work to be an appropriate living space.  In any case, that one’s on the list for consideration.  Exciting!!

4. A friend and I are starting a Fiber Arts Circle in our little town.  We hope to provide crafters the chance to get together to craft, learn from each other, and do charity knitting/crochet projects.

5. My current knitting obsession is little purses made from cotton yarn.  I’ve got a couple of designs that are fun to make and very useful.  They’re the size to hold a driver’s license, money, and a phone.  I’m calling them “essentials” purses.  A woman who lives down the street does glass work, so I’ve purchased some beautiful glass buttons for the purses.

6. I’m also working on a pair of socks, but instead of knitting them one at a time, I’m knitting them at the same time using the 2-circular needle technique.  So often, I’m kind of bored when I get working on a second sock, but this way, I finish both socks at the same time.

7. I blocked the sleeves to my Fair Isle sweater, so I can start working on the rest of it.  However, I have a cotton short-sleeved sweater that I’d like to finish first.  It would be really nice if I finished it before Easter so it could be part of my Easter outfit.

What are you working on these days?  Any fun crafts?

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Kimberly said...

I like #4! Maybe one of these days, you can help me finish the afghan I started crocheting YEARS ago. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm quite local to you (yes, I've been lurking on your blog for a while - found it through Ravelry (I go by cheesehead there) and would be quite interested in number 4 as well. There are several current options for knit togethers, but none seem to work for me.