Saturday, December 17, 2016

The "world peace" of Christmas gifts

When my family asks what I want for Christmas, my answer lately is, "Just to have my kids home." And that is totally and completely honest and true. 

But, it feels like when the host of a beauty pageant asks a contestant what she wants most in the world and she answers, "World peace." Canned. And trite. 

Everyone wants world peace. Of course. And, every mom wants their kids home for Christmas. But, after a certain stage in life, you can't assume that all of your kids will be at every holiday every year.

My kids are 18 and 21 and they both have significant others. One of these days, they're going to want to start dividing holidays between families. They might even get married (EEK!). Grandchildren might be involved (double EEK!). Or they might move (Ouch!). 

I take these holidays when both kids live close by and can be here for Christmas Eve and Christmas day very seriously. I won't have it forever. But, I have it this year! And I'm going to totally enjoy it!

So, yes, my Christmas gift request is like the "World Peace" of Christmas gifts. But, it's not trite. It's real and honest. 

And, I'm getting it this year!

So, If I'm on your list this year, I want books.


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