Sunday, August 16, 2015

Just stuff . . .

  • Chronic migraines suck. Really. I'm on Day 4 of this one and going crazy.
  • The increased dose of amitriptyline is decreasing the intensity of the headaches so I tolerate life a lot better. I'm increasing up to 100mg (with my doctor's permission) tonight to see if we can stabilize things even more.
  • The liquidators came this week and bought the last of our yarn, notions, and fixtures. They didn't pay near what they're worth, but we knew that. The fact is, they paid something and they took the stuff away.
  • Wild Man has the music room in the shop looking good. And we still have a good incentive to replace the old windows and update the heating and cooling system since he's keeping musical instruments in there.
  • When my head calms down, PWM and I are going to spend a night at a hotel with Sleep Number beds because we think that we want to purchase one. There's a hotel in the Valley that has those beds, though, and we'd like a full night's sleep to see if they're as good as advertised. Then, Rosie Girl can have our queen sized bed in her apartment and the double bed will go in the guest room out in the shop.
  • Poor Wild Man has a cold and went to see the NP today for the cough. He doesn't need antibiotics, but he got steroids, and inhaler and cough suppressant. The combination of steroids and inhaler makes him quite jittery and he's not happy about it! But, he's not coughing as much and will probably be able to sleep tonight
  • Rosie Girl has a real, live boyfriend. They don't get to see much of each other because of work schedules in the summer, but they'll get more face time when school starts!
  • I've been pondering 1 Corinthians 11. It's the chapter about head coverings in worship and it's quite confusing. The interpretation that makes the most sense to me is that Paul was having a mock conversation with the Corinthians. Here's a link to a good post.
  • I've been distressed this week at how little I've been able to do. I cooked dinner on Monday and Tuesday nights. Other than that, we've had food from The HItching Post, leftovers, and PWM grilled. So, we're not starving. I just feel bad when I'm sitting and reading a book when others are working.
  • We got a new deck. The contractor was just going to replace the sections that had been made with untreated lumber and leave the good stuff. It turned out that there was untreated lumber even all the way up to the house, so we had them just start over. Now, we have a brand new deck with all the railings up to code and the stairs with proper width, etc. I keep forgetting to take pictures. And, we have to stain it in about a month after the lumber all dried
  • Our tags for our items for the fair came in. We're still a bit confused about when to take our stuff and where, but we know who to ask now. The tickes had misspellings that had to be remedied and I didn't now that I could only submit one item per category so they just put my second item under PWMs name. I think we understand the basics now.
  • Well, it's probably time to try to sleep. I had a three hour nap today, so I'm not super tired, but I could probably sleep if I had a chance. We'll see.

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