Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Week In Review–September 11, 2011



Week 2 of the 2011-2012 school year is done.  Overall, I’m pleased with how things are going.  I’m sure we’ll be making some changes over the next few weeks. though.


Rosie Girl

  • I’m really missing being with Rosie Girl most of each day.  PWM, Wild Man and I spend most of each day at the shop but Rosie Girl spends most of her day at home.  She says that it’s working fine for her.  She does her schoolwork early in the day and emails me her journaling page when she’s done.  I’m very proud that she’s being diligent about getting her work done before doing her “fun stuff”.
  • History/Social Sciences – She got her new copy of A Visual History of the Twentieth Century on Friday so she had to do her full week’s reading in one day.
  • Bible – She’s reading the book of Matthew.
  • Literature – She’s read The Great Brain and Heart of Darkness.
  • Writing – She chose to write a compare and contrast essay about The Great Brain and Tom Sawyer.
  • Math – ALEKS Algebra 2.  She’s spending more time on math this year so that she doesn’t have to finish it during the summer.
  • Science – Can I just say how pleased I am that Rosie Girl is engaging the idea of learning the science of music.  This semester she’s learning about how music affects the brain.
  • Music – In addition to her piano lessons, she’s documenting her practice of guitar, clarinet, and ocarina.
  • Art – The public school art class seems to be going pretty well.


Wild Man

  • Wild Man still needs a fair amount of direction, so he does most of his work at the shop.  I wasn’t there much on Thursday or Friday because of a migraine, so he didn’t get as much work done.  We need to work on that.
  • History/Social Sciences/Natural Sciences – Wild Man is reading through his Warrior and Weapon books.  After he reads some in the beginning of the books, he usually reads some in the back of Weapon about modern weapons.
  • Bible – He’s doing a read-through of “highlights” of the Bible.
  • Reading – He’s enjoyed The Roman Ransom.
  • Writing – We watched the IEW section on story outlining and writing.  This week I’ll have him do a story outline and rewrite the story.
  • Math – more ALEKS
  • Music – Between Band class, private drum lessons, and playing with the youth band, he’s got lots of music in his life!!
  • Spelling – This is probably Wild Man’s most difficult subject, but we keep pressing on.


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